Following Through on Commitments

A lot of people in today’s world make all sorts of commitments and goals every single day. However, the majority of people unfortunately never reach their goals and end up coming up with excuses for why they didn’t want to reach that certain goal anyways. This is a really sad development and we definitely need to start doing something about this tendency, at least if we are interested in reaching the goals we commit ourselves to. The first thing you should start doing is to figure out what you really want to reach in your life and why you want to reach this specific goal.

A mistake a lot of people make when undergoing the process of setting up goals for their future is that they limit themselves because of a lack of belief in what is really possible. Don’t think about how hard it is going to be to reach a certain goal, if it is really your passion and desire to reach a destination you should go for it no matter what. A really great quote says that failure in life is not to set your goals to high and not reaching them, but setting your goals too low and actually reaching them.

If we go back in our lives we know that we could have gotten a lot more accomplished simply by pure determination and will power. This is a testament to the unlimited potential we humans possess and also proof of the fact that you can never set your goals too high. Don’t let other people tell you what you can or can’t reach, if the goal is something you really burn for and it motivates you too work hard, it is perfect.

Make sure you set a concrete goal that you can actually measure upon and be able to tell whether you are getting closer or not. Make sure you chart your progress and if you feel you are not moving in the right direction, try altering your direction slightly and keep moving forward until you reach your desired destination.

What you have to remember is that life is not simply about reaching your goals, it is also about enjoying the process of working towards your goals and the most important thing really is what kind of person you become in the process of pursuing your goals and finally reaching them.

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