Listening to Music and Sounds

In this world that we live in today we are finding out that music and different sounds can help people and our environment heal themselves in different ways. It can also help us feel better about our selves and our lives no matter how we feel or think. It can also help us relax after a hard days work or extreme stress. Music and sounds alike can help in other ways as well.

Our bodies and our surroundings are made up of energy. This energy is connected to all living things. Sounds and music generate energy and affect our beings in many different ways imaginable. It depends upon the person and how open that person is to receiving such a wonderful gift. This can help you resonate on higher, better levels making one more attune to everything around them. This also affects how we present ourselves from the inside out in more positive ways. Depending on the music it can also affect a person in a negative way. This can produce results that most people do not like and will not accept in our society.

Before we are born we experience sound within our mothers’ womb and become comfortable with this type of sound. As infants we start learning newer sounds and may hear music as well. We in turn eventually mimic what we hear and soon begin talking and singing as we grow up. As we grow and evolve we also learn that different kinds of sound and music give us different feelings. We sometimes dance, laugh and shout, cry or get angry. Music and sound can be very powerful in our lives. We should learn how to use this in a positive manner or suffer consequences of choosing the negative.

Music, sound and energy are connected. For every sound that is made we have a reaction although many do not realize this. Music and sounds have been proven to help relax people who are mentally challenged in different ways. When colors are added it produces an even more profound effect than hearing it alone. It helps us see it in a different light. Colours, along with music and/or sound can produce many different feelings and thoughts. Sometimes bringing good or bad memories as well. How we choose to feel when those negative emotions come about is ours alone but we are also able to change those feelings towards a more positive outlook. It is sort of like the I can’t/I can attitude. When it comes down to it, a good positive attitude is a much better feeling than a poor negative one. That is my own personal opinion anyway.

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