Speeding Up Rapport With Stories

You’re face-to-face with a new prospect. They know very little about you, about the kind of person you are, and maybe they’ve got some defenses that you’re going to have to overcome before trust can be established. Stories drastically speed up this process. Clients quickly learn who you are and thus begin to trust you.

Most relationships take time to unfold. Instead of revealing yourself over a long period of time, a story can stimulate the clients into seeing your true essence very quickly. Stories mesmerize and suck people in. They fit into the indirect permissive model not the direct authoritarian model and therein is one of the most significant powers of stories.

In a New York Times and CBS news poll, sixty-three percent of people were found to believe that you must be very careful in dealing with other people. Thirty seven percent believe that most people would try to take advantage of you if they had the chance.

That’s over one-third of the population. That means one out of every three people you talk to believes that you’re going to try to take advantage of them and almost three-fourths of the people you talk to believe that you can’t be too careful in your dealings with others.

Wow. Talk about a distrusting bunch.

And yet, that same poll asked, ‘Of the people you know, what percentage would try to be fair?’

The outcome: 85% said yes.

How can we immediately turn up the pressure of persuasion on the people that we want to influence? All we have to do is get them to ‘know’ us.

The best way in the world to do that is with a story. All of the sudden we go from almost three-fourths of the people thinking you can’t be too careful and well over a third of the people believing that you’d try to take advantage of them if you had the chance to eighty-five percent believing that you would try to be fair with them.

Use a story to let people know who you are and your trustworthiness almost triples.

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