Thank ALL of Your Naysayers and Critics!

The next time you run across someone who have made your life a difficult journey, you need to THANK that person! Everyone has a purpose in your life. Some people are in your life only to keep you off track. Some are there to discourage you, and make you feel you will never accomplish anything in life. You also have some people in your life who will pretend to be a friend, while all along, they cringe at your success and do EVERYTHING possible to deter your dreams.

The fascinating result of all this is what you take from those naysayers and critics. I had to remind myself a very long time ago, that those individuals served a necessary purpose on my path to SUCCESS. If it were not for the naysayers… if it were not for the critics… if it were not for those so-called friends who did everything possible to keep me down, I would have never found the paths I needed to find in order to succeed!

Never forget this one thing: The prickly thorns that appear on your journey may hurt or stop you from moving forth, and it may seem nearly impossible to find another route to achieve your dreams; however, if it were not for those thorns, perhaps you would have continued your journey down the wrong road! Each time a person tries to convince you that your dreams or goals in life are impossible to achieve, you should thank that individual by working harder! The next time someone drains your finances in an effort to keep you from having the funds to start your business, simply thank that person by figuring out another way to raise funds. Who knows? You may discover (as I did) a new source of revenue for a business adventure.

We all have many struggles in life, and depression has unfortunately become best friends with many aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers; however, never forget that you are not alone. It is important to never forget that each time you are turned away and rejected… each time you are mocked… each time another thorn appears in your path… each time the sting of betrayal or discouragement rears its ugly head, remember it is only a SIGNAL pointing you down the right path.

I am grateful for my critics, and so should you. I am very grateful for my naysayers, and you should be as well. I am grateful for all the times I’ve failed, and so should you. I am grateful for the many times I had no income to take the necessary steps to achieve my dreams, and you should be as well. I am grateful because it is what led me down the right paths.

As for your critics (and so-called friends), choose to fuel that negative energy into a powerful force behind your wings. Allow the wind from their chatter, the mist from their laughter, and the power from their hatred to propel you forth through all the storms! When you think about it, it really is a beautiful thing to thank the very people who made your journey a difficult task. You need that (what I like to call it) FREE MOTIVATION from them so that you will have one more reason not to give up!

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