The Five Great Tips For Enjoying Life

Human life is rare and precious. According to Hindu scriptures of ancient India, our soul takes different births in different forms at different periods of time. As Bagavad geetha puts it “just like we change torn dresses, and puts on new dresses, our soul changes into new bodies relinquishing old ones”. And in this millions of births, a human birth takes place once in a while. So this life is to be lived meaningfully and enjoyed. Let us start with different tips to make this life a blessing.

1. Understand that you are unique

As mentioned earlier our life is very much precious. Also each person is unique and have some talents which may not be possessed by many others. Understanding that you are unique and you have something very special to do in this world plays much in making your life happy and enjoyable. Identifying our talents and making full use of them is a fundamental thing in making a winner. See for example the famous story of Helen Keller.

Deaf and blind at the age of two, she slowly built a vocabulary of her own. Also she wrote many books and made her unique life meaningful and enjoyable. This is the typical attitude one must have for life. We may be having many difficulties, but its more important how we think of them and find ways to express our ingenuity.

2. Be concerned about others

One of the things that always make us unhappy is the concern about us and our near and dear. We often think only of this and gets unhappy at the thought of pain or loss occurring to us. When I was a child I had a small injury in one of my fingers of the leg. I was crying loud. I was taken to a hospital, where I saw many people whose legs were broken and having major injuries. Suddenly I became aware of the foolishness in crying about my small finger.

Things are the same with most people. They do not want to suffer a small discomfort, but are not bothered about catastrophies happening elsewhere. The more you care about others your life will be more enjoyable.

3. Be active

Idle mind is devils workshop. Gloomy and destructive thoughts enter the mind of lazy people. If you are too busy with your work or family or the society, then you will enjoy the work as well us life. I am not speaking here about wasting your time in clubs or bars. Such things may keep you engaged but will cause mental agony, ill health and bankruptcy in due course.

4. See The Nature

Nature is the mother of all and a great teacher too. Looking at the nature and enjoying the little events there will change your life a lot. If you are living near a sea river, mountain or forest, be sure to spend some time looking at the emanating beauties and patterns of mother nature. Enjoy the animals around you by observing their life. Even if you are in the thick concrete forest of a city your mind will become calm if you observe the sky, stars and clouds. A book about nature will help you more in understanding the mesmeric beauty of nature.

5. Keep your relation with the almighty god

Whatever fortunes we have, to keep us happy, the presence of gods love in our day to day life is much needed. King Dasaratha had everything, but due to the lack of blessing of the god, that too by the curse of a hermit, he could not be happy at the last moment. He had to die due to the love for his son, lord sri Rama. Similarly Dritharashtra, the blind king in Mahabharatha had everything, but he had to suffer a lot due to the lack of blessing of almighty god.

Srimad Bagavd Gita says:”if one sacrifices all and realize that I(god) is the only salvation, He shall be saved”

This sacrifice, this feeling of oneness with god, this understanding that everything is controlled and decided by him, that he is everywhere, in all forms makes one fearless and happy. Prahlada had this faith, so nothing could make him unhappy.

So to enjoy our life we must be in constant touch with god, through prayers and meditation. A life without gods blessings is wasted.

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